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IVRS Information



Information for the Subscriber

             The office of AG WB has introduced an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) for all employee subscribers of the State Govt for information on their General Provident Fund Account. This service is an extension of the efforts by the PAG, WB on behalf on the C&AG of India, to modernize and provide value based services to employees of State Govts. This is a user friendly and round the clock service that will enable all subscribers to obtain a spectrum of details of their Fund account such as Closing balance, missing credits, missing debits, advances etc. over telephone. This service will help subscribers living in distant towns and villages to have an update of their GPF account over the telephone at their convenience.

            The subscriber is required to dial (033) 12612, 2213 - 4502 to 4504 & 2248 - 1633 to log into the system.  Information is available in English, Bengali and Hindi. Subscribers also have the provision to record their complaints, compliments and suggestions if any, in the system for further redressal by the PAG office.

         A hierarchy of instructions will be heard by the subscribers to help them move from one information to another. Security features have also been built in to protect the privacy of the information. On dialing (033) 12612, 2213 - 4502 to 4504 & 2248 - 1633


  • All callers to the IVRS will first hear a welcome message.
  • Thereafter the caller will have to give his option to hear the announcement either in Bengali(01), English(02) or Hindi(03).
  • The caller will have to key-in the requisite digit in the telephone set.
  • The system will prompt for the GPF Series code as also the GPF Account Number of the subscriber. The detailed series code list is enclosed.
  • The system will thereafter ask for password the default password is “1111”. The user has option to change this password to any other 4-digit password after first login. The user must be careful to remember his password as otherwise he/she will not be able to log on to the system subsequently.
  • If all the above information is valid and correct, the system will allow the user to have access to a bouquet of information about the callers’ GPF account. The different stages are clearly and lucidly explained in the system and the caller will only have to give his requisite options.


  • There is option for recording the date of birth of the subscriber in DD-MM-YYYY format.

      At the end there is an option for the caller to leave messages, if any.


  •     For further information on GPF subscribers may contact at (033) 22138171 in the AG office. Further information on IVRS is also available at all offices of DMs, DDOs and Treasuries.
  •       The user must remember his password as otherwise he/she will not be able to log on to the system subsequently.
  •      The caller needs to exercise utmost care so as to key-in the correct DOB.

At present IVRS Information is not functioning.



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